Pill Bone Shape Poop Bag Dispenser

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Available in numerous colors and made in a perfect convenient size, this dispenser is perfect to hold waste bags because it is small enough to fit on your belt buckle yet still holds the number of bags you’ll need while you’re out walking your dog. Many communities now require pet owners to pick up after their pets while on their daily walks and this dispenser makes doing that very easy. This bag dispenser has a clip on one end that fits securely onto your belt buckle and you can walk your dog hands-free until you need the bag itself.

Because it is made out of a high-quality plastic, you can put this dog dispenser through a lot and it will still work properly and it even comes in  various colors and a red-and-black design. The bags of the dispenser are easy to load and easy to remove when you need them. You can easily remove them with one hand since the dispenser remains secure on your belt buckle the entire time. High-quality and sturdy, these bag dispensers are just what you need when you walk your dogs and their cute bone-shaped design makes them a great eye-catcher as well.

If you’re going to pick up after your dog anyway, why not do it in a convenient way? This bag dispenser makes the task much simpler and a lot less messy on your part. This dog dispenser is so lightweight and small that you can even carry it around with you when you travel. At roughly three inches in length, you can connect it to almost anything and the bags that are made to fit the dispenser offer a perfect fit every time. You can remove one quickly whenever you need to and it is guaranteed to make every walk from now on a lot easier, faster, and much more convenient on your part.