Rainbow 3.5cm Pet Interactive Ball (10Pcs) | PUP ADDICT
Rainbow 3.5cm Pet Interactive Ball (10Pcs) | PUP ADDICT

Rainbow 3.5cm Pet Interactive Ball (10Pcs)

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At roughly 1.5 inches in diameter, this is a great play ball for both cats and dogs and its rainbow colors will attract your pet quickly. In fact, because of its look and durability, these interactive balls are very likely to be one of your pet’s favorite toys and they are great for play time, teething, and even training purposes. Available in a pack of 10 balls, you can use and reuse these balls over and over again because their high-quality EVA material is both non-toxic and comfortable for your pet.

Your cat can chew on, tug at, and play games with this ball and it can be entertained by the toy for hours at a time. The bright colors will attract its attention every time and the balls are both safe and sturdy so they are meant to last a very long time. In addition, thanks to the low price, you can easily purchase more than one package of these interactive balls at a time without breaking the bank. Whether you have one cat or five, they will love this brightly colored and durable ball because it will keep them entertained for many years to come.

When your cat needs a new toy, this is definitely one to consider. All pets need a large supply of toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Because there are so many ways to enjoy a good, reliable play ball, this is a purchase that you’ll never regret. This ball is the perfect gift for your cat or small dog and it is both lightweight and soft for your pet’s enjoyment. Searching for the perfect toy doesn’t have to be complicated because this delightful, fun-to-play-with interactive ball is one they are certain to love. High in quality and strength, your pets can get as tough with this ball as they like and it will keep on ticking!