Reflective Protective Dog Harness Vest

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Keep your dog safe when going on a run or a walk at night with our great reflective dog vest. Not only are these vests cute with a paw print on the side, but they offer great safety. These vests are designed to cover most of the dog’s body, making them easy to be seen at night and offering you the peace of mind that you deserve when on a walk. Thanks to the reflective design of the vest, when car lights pass over your dog the driver will be able to easily see them, as the paw print on the side of the vest as well as the trimming will shine, making your dog that much safer.

These dog vests are surprisingly comfortable, which means that you won’t have to fight your dog when it’s time to go for a walk. Thanks to how lightweight they are, your dog will quickly get used to wearing them and won’t fight you when it’s time to put it on. Additionally, they Velcro around the neck, making it easy to get the perfect fit that won’t make your dog feel constrained when he has this vest on. Designed with a fabric that is well ventilated, your dog won’t overheat when wearing the dog vest, although it will add a nice weight and a little warmth in the winter.

The cozy fabric of the vest is bright lime green to ensure that your pet is clearly visible in the woods, which can avoid accidents with cars and hunters and essentially keep him safe. Additionally, since they are available in different sizes, you can easily find the one that will best fit your pet. Make sure that you use our handy measuring chart to measure your pet so that you can choose the best fitting vest for its body. This will ensure not only that they are comfortable, but also that the dog vest fits correctly and doesn’t slip and slide around while they are moving.