Reflective Leather Personalized Dog ID Collar

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This is a super high-quality dog collar with a firmly attached ID tag that can be engraved with anything you like, including the pet’s name, phone number, or even the address if that’s what you prefer. This collar also comes with a reflective light that gives it a glow-in-the-dark quality. These ID dog collars are made of genuine leather and stitched for perfection, so they are meant to last a very long time without fading, tearing, or coming loose.

Having a dog tag attached to your pet’s collar is a great idea for many reasons, and this collar is so well made that your dog will stay comfortable all year around, making it a great addition to your collection of pet accessories. The engraving comes at no extra cost, and the company uses clear and easy-to-understand lettering, so there will never be any question regarding the information that’s there. It also comes in different colours, so if you want it to match a scarf or harness that your dog wears, it can be done easily every time.

Never underestimate the importance of a clearly labeled dog tag, and this combination collar/dog tag is perfect and gives you great peace of mind as a pet parent. Every pet owner is fearful of a pet that goes missing, but with the right dog tag, that animal can be returned to you faster than you might think. This collar and dog tag is made to fit dogs with necks up to 18 inches, so whether your dog is small or large, you can find the right size so that he’s comfortable from now on. It is also lower in price than you think, so you can buy one for all of your pets without breaking the bank.