Reflective Secure Dog Harness

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Made for medium-sized and large dogs, these harnesses have the words “service dog” printed right on them, because this is their main purpose. However, this doesn’t mean that the harnesses are unattractive or sloppily made. Indeed, these dog harnesses are made out of a high-quality nylon, cotton, and net cloth, which means they are made to last. These harnesses also include a reflective tape to make it easier for others to see the two of you when you’re out after dark and therefore keep you safe. The removable Velcro strip  of this dog harness ensures a perfect fit, regardless of the dog’s size or breed.

There are all types of service dogs and all different reasons for them, and if you want your service dog to be noticeable when you go out in public, this is the perfect harness to purchase. They are available in five different sizes and, therefore, it is easy for your pet to be completely comfortable wearing the dog harness, regardless of how long they have to do so. Built to last and not to fade or tear over time, they truly make the perfect harness for your service dog.

Finding the perfect harness for your service dog doesn’t have to be complicated, and this one is a great harness because of the way it looks and the way it is made. This dog harness is eye catching and very pronounced, and the adjustable nylon straps ensure the fit will never be too tight or too loose for your dog. It comes with a top handle in case you wish not to use a leash, and because it is easily adjusted to yours and the dog’s specific size, it will always provide a perfect fit for the both of you. These are but a few of the reasons why choosing this harness is such a great choice.