Reflective Walking Lead Leash & Harness

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If you are shopping for the perfect harness and leash set, chances are good that you have certain desires in mind. You likely want a harness that fits well and keeps the dog safe and comfortable, a leash that is sturdy enough for walking or training purposes, and reflective material to keep both of you safe after dark. This leash and harness set offers all that and more. The harness even comes with a cute paw print design on the front and both it and its matching leash are available in different colours.

Made out of a high-quality polyester and adjustable for the perfect fit, the harness is built to last a very long time and comes with a nylon leash that is also adjustable for the ultimate in comfort. The materials that the harness is made of are so comfortable that your dog can wear it regardless of the season and is affordable for all pet parents. The leash is also four feet in length, allowing for a lot of freedom for both you and your pet when you take your daily walk.

The leash, in fact, is so well made that regardless of how active your dog is while you’re walking, you are guaranteed that it will remain knot-free and comfortable the entire time. After all, you want your walk to be productive and you also want your dog to feel that it can walk, run, or even stop and still not get tangled up in the leash. This is exactly what this leash provides to you so this could very well be the last harness and leash set that you ever purchase. This dog leash is attractive, reflective, and accommodating for dogs of all sizes and breeds, providing you with the peace of mind that all pet parents need and deserve.