Reflective & Waterproof Dog Jacket/Coat

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Made for dogs of all sizes and breeds, this high-quality jacket fits the dog’s full body and is both warm and waterproof. Perfect for those rainy, snowy, or windy days that are so common in many parts of the world, this coat's cotton and fleece materials make it simple to just throw it in the washer whenever it gets dirty. Lightweight, yet warm, this dog vest jacket is also fashionable and trendy, and its reflective design helps cars and other walkers see you even if you take your dog for a walk after dark.

Reflective & Waterproof pet jacket

This reflective dog jacket has a lightweight shell to keep your dog dry and warm.

It's suitable to small, medium and even large dogs

Reflective & Waterproof Dog Jacket/Coat for small and big dogs

With velcro tabs that make it super easy to put it on and take it off, this dog coat also has a soft fleece side that guarantees the ultimate comfort. This jacket is versatile and is perfect for both the cold winter time and the cooler months of fall and spring. Your dog deserves the very best, and one way to provide that to him is to make sure he is dry and warm whenever you take him outside for a walk or to the park for some playtime. This is a jacket that you will never regret purchasing, especially when you see your dog’s reaction to it.

Waterproof Dog walking Jacket/Coat

This dog jacket makes it a lot easier to take excellent care of your fur babies, and they will thank you for it by enjoying longer walks with you every day of the week.

This reflective dog jacket is made outside with nylon material, splashproof, windproof and snowproof, inside layer is polar fleece which touches soft and keeps warm well, especially good for outdoor walking and playing

Reflective & Waterproof Dog Jacket/Coat for small and big dogs

Because it is the type of cute and comfortable jacket that all dogs need and deserve, it is jacket is one they will enjoy for many years to come. Don’t just say you love your pets, show them that love by providing them with an adorable jacket that will also keep them comfortable during the cool and cold months. This is a great jacket, regardless of what you’re looking for, and both you and your fur baby will be glad you bought it.

Our reflective fleece dog vest jacket is made of high quality and durability materials.

Dog reflective windproof vest jacket

  • ELASTIC BELTS -- There are two elastic belts on the hind legs, in order to prevent the jacket from being blown by the wind on a windy day. In daily use, you need not to put it on dog's legs, or you can cut it off if you think you don't need it.
  • LEASH HOLE -- There is a leash hole on the back of this coat for the leash to pass through, allows your pet walk-ready in no time. Let's enjoy walking the dog in winter.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE, EASY TO STORE -- You can treat it as a common coat, just throw it into washing machine when it`s dirty, just store it like any other clothes.


Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Reflective, Windproof & Waterproof Dog coat

Neck Chest Back Length
S Size 11 inch (28cm) 15.5-17.5 inch (40-45cm) 10 inch (25cm)
M Size 12.5 inch (32cm) 18-19.5 inch (46-50cm) 12 inch (31cm)
L Size 14.5 inch (37cm) 19-21.5 inch (49-55cm) 14 inch (36cm)
XL Size 16 inch (41cm) 21.5-24 inch (55-61cm) 16 inch (41cm)
2XL Size 17 inch (43cm) 25.5-27.5 inch (65-70cm) 18 inch (46cm)
3XL Size 20 inch (51cm) 28-30 inch (72-77cm) 25 inch (63cm)
4XL Size 22.5 inch (57cm) 32-34 inch (81-87cm) 28 inch (71cm)
5XL Size 25.5 inch (65cm) 36.5-39 inch (93-99cm) 31 inch (79cm)