Retractable 3M 5M Dog Lead Leash

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While taking your dog on a walk is a great way to bond and get some exercise together, you have to make sure that your dog will be safe and under your control. Traditional leashes make it really difficult to allow your dog to wander around while you are walking, as they are simply too short to give your dog any extra room to explore. Luckily, retractable leashes are the answer, as they make it easy for dog owners to keep an eye on their dog and still allow them a little freedom while on walks. Since the leashes retract so easily, owners can quickly get their dog closer to them without a lot of hassle.

We offer retractable leashes in two lengths so that you can choose the one that offers your dog the freedom that they need. If you want to keep your dog closer to you, then you will prefer our 3m leashes, while if your dog wanders a little more, then you will likely be happier with our 5m leashes. No matter which length you choose, you can enjoy a quick release clip that makes it easy to remove the leash after a walk, as well as a hard case for the leash itself so that your leash won’t be damaged, even if you drop it.

You have different colors to choose from if you want to stand out on your walks. The leashes all have a locking button on the top that will prevent your dog from pulling out more length while on the walk, and they automatically retract when your dog comes closer to you. Thanks to how easy these dog leashes are to use, you’re sure to enjoy many more walks with your furry friend, and you won’t ever have to worry about their safety.