Retractable ABS 3m or 5m Dog Leash

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Taking your dog for a walk requires a high-quality leash, and if you’d like to get a little fancy with your purchase, this is the leash for you. It is retractable leash and therefore provides you a little more control over how long you want it to be, and it is very easy to operate. Made out of a high-quality ABS plastic, this dog leash has an easy-to-grip, comfortable handle. You can also choose the 9-foot or the 16-foot model, one of which is bound to perfectly suit your needs.

This dog leash offers a convenient one-touch option that allows you to quickly and easily tighten or loosen it at any time. It is a perfect leash for both small and medium pets, and the handle is made out of eco-friendly materials that won’t irritate the skin or cause any allergic reactions. It is comfortable and simple to operate, and the extra-large handle means you can use this dog leash comfortably even while wearing gloves or mittens. Best of all, you get a lot of freedom of movement with this type of leash, so taking your dog for a walk is a lot easier on you every time.

The leash also comes in two separate options – the 9-foot (3m) version, which is great for dogs that weigh up to 17 pounds, and the 16-foot (5m) model, which can handle dogs up to 30 pounds. The leash even has an easy braking system that stops pets from moving forward when you don’t want them to, keeping them safe in the process. If you’re going to walk your dog, why not do so with a well-built, fun-to-operate and colorful dog leash? This product is a lot less expensive than you might think, and it is definitely a purchase that you will not regret making.