Reversible Designer Plaid Dog Jacket

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These one-of-a-kind dog jackets cover the dog’s entire body and are even made with an extra-thick collar for great head and neck protection. The Velcro straps allow for a perfect fit every time and the high-quality cotton and flock materials of this jacket keeps it nice and warm each time you’re outside for your walk. Best of all, the dog jacket is reversible and can therefore provide your fur baby with a different look from time to time. Its thickness means that it will be extremely comfortable for it to wear and the various designs truly offer something for everyone.

When you want to protect your dog from the cold or windy weather, this plaid jacket is perfect. This dog jacket is extremely well made, built to last for many years to come, and can survive anything your pet puts it through. It is also slow to rip, tear, or fade and it fits dogs and cats of most sizes and breeds. In fact, this is one very versatile piece of clothing that you’ll pull out of the closet again and again so when you want a doggie jacket that is both attractive and functional, this one is it.

Perfect for the fall and winter months, this dog jacket is great for all types of weather conditions and it does an extraordinary job of making sure that your pet gets the protection it needs and deserves whenever the weather is less than perfect. Solidly built and very reliable, this waterproof jacket can relieve a lot of concerns that you might have about walking your pet in difficult conditions. This dog jacket fits almost any size animal that you own and it is a secure fit that keeps the pet warm and comfortable the entire time that he is wearing it. It is definitely one purchase that you will never regret making, regardless of how long you keep it.