Safety LED Light Camouflage Dog Collar

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A dog collar is a must for dogs of all sizes and if you’re similar to most pet parents, you appreciate getting an eye-catching dog collar that is fun for it to wear. Today, this is easier than ever to do. The dog collar is fitted with an LED light that helps you see when you’re walking your dog at night. The collar is also adjustable to fit any size dog and is both easy to use and easy to store.

With a long-lasting LED light, this dog collar is rain-resistant and comes with three different settings including constantly on, flashing, and a strobe light effect. This collar is made of a durable polyester and vinyl and it will cause no discomfort for the dog. In addition, this collar is stylish and fashionable and the batteries needed to operate it are included with your purchase. It is available in four different sizes and fits dogs with necks up to 23 inches, meaning that it can even fit larger dogs. This dog collar also comes with durable hardware that allows you to attach any type of leash you have to it.

With this truly innovative dog collar, you can quickly become one of the most fun pet owners in the neighborhood. As soon as passersby take a look at the collar, they will want one for themselves. These collars are sturdy, built to last, and are reasonably priced as well. If you want a dog collar that is both functional and unique, look no further because this dog collar is the last collar you’ll ever need. Perfect for all seasons and for both day and night walks, this dog collar is one collar that you’ll want to show off for many years to come.