Screaming Chicken Squeeze Sound Dog Toy

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As a pet parent, you naturally own products to feed your dog and keep him healthy as well as products to keep him safe. But do you also have products that make his play time more enjoyable? Play time is important for animals to grow and thrive and these squeeze toys in the shape of a chicken are the perfect addition to your collection of toys. They even make a loud noise when squeezed, keeping your dog entertained for a very long time and making you glad that you bought something that makes it so happy.

The toy is manufactured with a high-quality rubber that can take nearly anything the dog will dish out and it can be used both indoors and outside. Even if your dog leaves the toy in the yard overnight, it won’t be damaged. It also comes in four different sizes with the largest one being nearly 17” in length. Regardless of the size of your dog, you can easily find this dog toy in the perfect size. The bright-yellow color as well as the high-pitched sound that it makes when squeezed will amuse your dog for hours at a time.

If you want your dog to have a large selection of toys, this one is a must for your collection. It is a high-quality, durable toy that you will likely have for many years to come. Whether your dog plays alone or you like to play along with it, both of you will have a lot of fun with this toy. This dog toy is bright, colorful, fun and funny. It is definitely an item that you will never regret purchasing. The next time that you want to buy your dog a new toy, this one should be seriously considered and its price alone makes it a very worthwhile purchase.