Self Heating Soft Thermal Pet Blanket

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During the cold winter months, you want to keep both yourself and your pets nice and warm, and this self-heating thermal blanket for pets does a great job at that every time. Made mostly out of lamb hair, this thermal pet blanket keeps dogs nice and toasty the entire time they’re lying on it, and it comes in two different sizes for your convenience. Best of all, this blanket requires no electricity or dangerous cords to work, because the material the blanket is made out of does all the work for you.

thermal warm bed mat for dogs and pets

Thermal cat pet dog warming bed mat, Self warming pet mat, no electricity - cozy and soft.

All your dog has to do is sit on the blanket for a while, and very soon it begins to work its magic. Its high-quality thermal works miracles when it’s cold outside, and it is such a comfortable and warming blanket that your pet is likely to want to remain there all day long!

The largest one is approximately 24” x 35”, so it can accommodate dogs of most sizes and breeds. It is very well made and, therefore, will last for many years to come, and it is also very sturdy, meaning you can put it through a lot and it will keep on working correctly.

The right pet blanket is important, but this one is not just comfortable and fun for your pets to lie on. It is also very functional, because it keeps your pets nice and warm when the weather is bitter and miserable. Making it through the winter is much easier when you have something warm and comfortable to lie on, and this pet blanket is the perfect addition to your set of pet accessories because it does just that.

thermal warm bed mat for dogs

The self-heating aspect is something all pet parents love, making this one blanket you will want to keep on-hand for many years to come, because you already know your pets are worth it.

Product Sizes & Dimensions

64x49cm (25.20x19.29")

90x64cm (35.43x25.20")

Pet Self thermal mat bed for dogs