Sharp Spiked Studded Leather Dog Collar

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If you’re into the tough look and wish to portray a more gothic image when walking your dog, this studded dog collar is for you. It is far from threatening but it also presents a great look when you’re into spiked collars and real leather. The collars are roughly two inches wide and come in different colours. You can even choose one that is black and comes with either yellow or red spikes to spice up the look a little more because these collars truly offer something for everyone.

Made out of genuine leather, the collar is made to last a very long time and is very comfortable regardless of the season or the weather. Because it comes in so many sizes, you can easily find one that perfectly fits your beloved pet so whether you have a pit bull or a boxer, he could soon have a great-looking studded collar to wear. There are nearly many colors and designs available so you can easily get one that suits your dog’s personality and look. It is also a soft leather and not stiff so your dog will look forward to wearing this collar every time.

Leather dog collars such as this one offer a perfect fit at a great price so it won’t break your budget if you choose to buy more than one at a time. The spiked, studded design of these collars will catch the attention of other dog walkers. Because they are available in lengths of up to 26 inches, these spiked collars can fit even a large dog very comfortably. If you’ve always wanted a studded dog collar in sharp black and made out of leather, now is the perfect time to get one because when you choose this particular collar, it is a purchase that you will never regret.