Warm Slippers Style Dog Bed House

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Every pet needs a comfortable bed to sleep in and this dog bed is absolutely adorable because it resembles a bedroom slipper. Made out of a very soft cotton, it allows your pet to sleep in the ultimate comfort. It comes in four sizes and six different colors as well. Your pet will feel safe in this bed because of its shape and it will enjoy resting in it any time of the day or night.

Slipper Dog Bed House for small dogs

Because it has a top section similar to the top of a bedroom slipper, your pet will feel secure every time it’s in its bed. The materials used to make the bed are breathable and extremely soft, making nap and sleep time a very comfortable time indeed. Let’s face it; your dog needs a place to sleep so why not go one step further and buy it one that is the perfect size and the perfect comfort level so that it can enjoy it for many years to come? Your pet deserves this and it will forever thank you for it.

Pet slippers dog bed house

One of the best winter soft pet bed house

All pet parents want the best for their pets and a nice, comfortable bed should always be in your collection of pet accessories. This slipper pet bed house is easy to clean, and easy to use over and over again because the comfort level is top-notch. Just the same as humans, pets need a good night’s sleep every night, which can only happen with a sturdy and comfortable bed.

When you choose this bed, you can rest a lot more easily because you’ll know that you’re buying one that is well made, comfortable, and built to last. Taking great care of your pets is something that you take seriously and purchasing this bed will give you the peace of mind that all pet parents deserve.

Product sizes & Dimensions

Extra Small
Length: 38cm (14.96"); Width: 28cm (11.02")

Length: 48cm (18.90"); Width: 38cm (14.96")

Length: 58cm (22.83"); Width: 48cm (18.90")

Length: 68cm (26.77"); Width: 58cm (22.83")