Small Dog Fashion Harness & Leash Set

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If you have a small dog, chances are that you’ve already dressed it up before taking it for a walk. However, if you haven’t done this, now is the perfect time to start. This is because numerous companies make harness and leash sets that not only keep your dog comfortable as you take your daily walk but also keep your dog trendy and fashionable as you do so. Available in a variety of designs, these harnesses with matching leashes are the perfect addition to your collection of pet accessories.

The harnesses come complete with a bow tie and bell. Your dog is going to look quite dapper as you step out for your daily walk. The harness is made out of high-quality nylon and mesh for your dog’s total comfort. After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for cuteness or vice versa. With the harness and leash set, you’ll never have to! The sets come in a comfortable padded design that is made for all seasons and they come in three different sizes as well.

If you want your dog to both feel good and look good, this harness and leash set is for you. You can easily detach the leash if you are staying at home. The harness fits everything from Yorkshire Terriers to pugs and many others. If you have a small dog, these harness and leash sets will accommodate it and the dog will look cuter with one of them on. In addition, the sets are very reasonably priced so after you purchase one for yourself, you could easily purchase an additional set for a friend or family member. It is guaranteed that they will enjoy it as much as you do.