Small Pet Messenger Side Carrier Bag

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Transporting your cat or small dog from Point A to Point B just got a little easier, thanks to the PUPISHE messenger carrier bag that allows your pet to be comfortable the entire time. Made of a nylon that is breathable for the pet, this bag has a convenient rectangle size with sturdy straps that allow you to easily carry the pet around, regardless of how far you’re going. The pet fits inside of it and can even stretch and take a nap if it wants to.

This carrier bag comes in three different sizes, and it measures from 17 to 21 inches in length. This bag is so well made that it can accommodate pets from 1 lb. in size to those weighing up to 15 lbs., and they will be comfortable the entire time. A strong zipper ensures that it will open and close the way it should, and the mesh top of the bag guarantees the pet will be able to breathe right, regardless of how long it is in there. This is important when you’re a pet parent, because an unhappy pet means an unhappy pet owner every time.

Best of all, when you use this bag you can put your pet’s favorite blanket or toy in there to go along for the ride. The inside of the bag is big enough to accommodate both the pet and another item, enabling him or her to play or nap while you’re concentrating on other things. Whether you want to take your pet along on an outing or need to transport him from one place to another, the carrier bag is the perfect accompaniment. The bottom of the carrier is also removable for easy cleaning, and the entire bag is easy to take care of and is very durable.