Cotton Winter Snow Walking Dog Boots | PUP ADDICT
Cotton Winter Snow Walking Dog Boots | PUP ADDICT
Cotton Winter Snow Walking Dog Boots | PUP ADDICT

Cotton Winter Snow Walking Dog Boots

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If you're going to walk outside when there’s snow on the ground, you’re going to need a good pair of winter snow boots. If you have these types of boots, doesn’t your dog deserve the same? This four-piece dog boot set is made of a cotton blend and warm lamb on the inside. These walking dog boots have PVC rubber soles, and they even have velcro straps for the perfect fit. They also look adorable on any dog who wears them, but most importantly, these boots will keep his paws from becoming so cold that they get numb while you’re out for your daily walk or your playtime in the park.

Cotton Winter Snow Walking Dog Boots

These comfortable cotton dog boots is great for everyday wear, holiday, parties, and to keep your dog stylish, cute, and warm

Feet can get cold, and this includes not just human feet, but canine feet as well. These boots are cuter than you can imagine, and their high quality ensures your dog will be able to enjoy them for a very long time. They are soft, easy dog boots to put on and take off, and their rubber soles guarantee no slipping while your dog is walking on the snow or ice. In fact, these dog boots are so cute they can even be worn when it’s not snowing outside, so the next time you wish to dress up your dog, they are the perfect item to buy. 

Winter Snow Walking Dog Shoes

Our cotton dog shoes are solid and made of durable material, and stylish

Walking outside when it’s cold or snowing just got a little easier with these cute, well-made dog boots. They are extra warm and extra adorable boots, not to mention eye-catching and unique. Just like human feet, doggie paws can get cold and even numb during the winter months, but these boots are the perfect solution, regardless of your dog’s size or breed. 

Snow Walking Dog Boots

Walking Dog Snow Boots


These slip-on dog boots gear pups up for boundless outdoor activities rain or shine

It will make you feel good knowing that your beloved pet’s feet are being well taken care of, as these dog boots also prevents a lot of illnesses from happening when it’s cold, snowy, or rainy outside because your dog's feet are guaranteed to stay warm and dry.

Walking Dog snow shoes

These dog shoes are sturdy enough to withstand outside play, and protect your dog's paws from stones, dirt and mud.

Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Size Shoe length Shoe width
S 3.6cm/1.41" 2.8cm/1.10"
M 4.2cm/1.65" 3.2cm/1.26"
L 4.8cm/1.89" 3.6cm/1.41"
XL 5.3cm/2.09" 4.0cm/1.56"
XXL 5.7cm/2.24" 4.3cm/1.69"