Soft Paw Foot Print Warm Dog Blanket/Mat

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All pets need a soft blanket or bed to play and relax with and this one has adorable paw prints all over it to make it extra attractive. It is super soft because it is made with a comfortable fleece material and your dog will immediately notice it, thanks to its cute design.

It is available in beige, brown, and pink as well as three different sizes, which means that it can accommodate dogs of most sizes and breeds. It is also made out of a breathable material that keeps your pet comfortable all year long, regardless of where you live.

"These beautiful cat or dog blankets are very soft, warm and ideal for adding a little more extra comfort to your cat / dog beds"

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If you’re looking for a soft blanket that will envelop your dog or cat in comfort and love, look no further because this is it. In fact, as far as blankets go, this one is the only dog blanket that you’ll ever need for your dog or cat. You will love it and your pets will love it.

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Very soft, warm and durable dog blanket

This pet blanket is also the perfect thickness and it is comfortable even when used alone. Moreover, if you need something to keep your dog more comfortable while you’re traveling in your vehicle, it is easy to bring it along with you! Made of top-notch materials and therefore meant to last a very long time, you can count on having this soft, adorable pet blanket for many years to come. It is made with materials that are fade-resistant and difficult to rip or tear and it is the one accessory that you need for all of your cats and dogs.

Soft fleece dog pet blanket/mat

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Lenght: 20cm (7.87"), Width: 20cm (7.87")

Lenght: 40cm (15.74"), Width: 60cm (23.62")

Lenght: 76cm (30"), Width: 52cm (20.47")

Since the largest size is roughly 20” x 30”, you can easily find the one that best accommodates your dog or cat. You can place it in the dog’s bed, on a sofa, or even use it by itself because it is a versatile product for which you can find many uses.

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