Soft Strawberry or Leopard Pet House

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If you’re going to buy a dog house anyway, why not go all the way and get one in an adorable design and color pattern? This dog/pet house comes in two designs – a cute strawberry and a leopard print design. This strawberry dog house even has a cute green “leaf” on the top, and both of the houses are super soft and come in five sizes to fit almost any size pet you may have.

Made for both dogs and cats, these houses are made out of a breathable, plush material that will keep your pet comfortable the entire time.

Pet houses are usually boring and drab looking, but not so with these houses. They are eye catching and absolutely adorable, and your pets will love resting and sleeping in them for a very long time. Their warm, soft fabric is easy to clean and can take a lot of abuse, and because there are so many sizes available, dogs of nearly all sizes and breeds will be comfortable in them. Let’s face it, all pet parents want their pets to have a house that perfectly accommodates them, and if that’s what you are looking for, look no further because this is it.

Pet houses that come in cute designs are becoming more and more popular all the time

Pet houses that come in cute designs are becoming more and more popular all the time, and as soon as you take a look at this pet house, you’ll understand why. The houses are reasonably priced and made with top-notch materials, and the available designs mean you’ll easily be able to find the perfect house for your pet.

Strawberry or leopard dog house

They are good for both dogs and cats, and your pet will be able to spend hours in theirs resting or playing. This gives you a chance to concentrate on other things, while knowing that your pet is going to be safe and comfortable the entire time.

Product sizes and Dimensions

Small:for about 1kg (2.20lbs) dog and cat.

  • out diameter/length: 26x26x28cm (10.24x10.24x11.02"),
  • door hole: 13.5x11cm (5.31x4.33");
  • inner diameter/length 24x24x26cm (9.45x9.45x10.24")

Medium:for about 2kg (4.40lbs) dog and cat.

  • out diameter/length 31x31x33cm (12.2x12.2x12.99"),
  • door hole: 16.5x15cm (6.5x5.91");
  • inner diameter/length 29x29x31cm (11.42x11.42x12.2")

Large:for about 3kg (6.60lbs) dog and cat.

  • out diameter/length 36x36x38cm (14.17x14.17x14.96"),
  • door hole: 17.5x17.5cm (6.89x6.89"),
  • inner diameter/length 34x34x36cm (13.39x13.39x14.17")

Extra Large: for about 5.5kg (12.12lbs) dog and cat.

  • out diameter/length 43x43x45cm (16.93x16.93x17.72"),
  • door hole: 19x21cm (7.48x8.27");
  • inner diameter/length 40x40x42cm (15.75x15.75x16.54")

Double Extra Large:for about 8kg (17.63lbs) dog and cat.

  • out diameter/length 48x48x48cm (18.9x18.9x18.9"),
  • door hole: 25x25cm/9.84x9.84'';
  • inner diameter/length 45x45x45cm (17.72x17.72x17.72")