Soft Suede Leather Small Dog Harness

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A cute dog harness for small dogs, this harness is made with real leather and is therefore very comfortable. It's easy to place this harness on your dog and it comes in a halter-shaped form that is easy to use and easy to store. This dog harness looks adorable on any small dog and is adjustable for the perfect fit. It also goes well with any type of dog leash you have so all you have to do after you put it on is snap on your leash and head out for your daily walk.

As a pet-owner, you look forward to taking that walk with your dog because it means enjoying some exercise and fresh air. If you want your small dog to be fashionable as well as ready to walk, these harnesses are the perfect product to choose. Made to be long-lasting, these dog harnesses are high in quality, durable, and extremely comfortable. They are built to last a very long time and can be worn by all small dogs and even cats. As a pet parent, these precious harnesses make for one adorable animal, making it even easier to show it off to others.

Accommodating pets up to 22 pounds, these harnesses fit everything from Chihuahuas to Yorkshires, Mini Schnauzers, and Cocker Spaniels. If you have a furry family member that you enjoy dressing up this is a great product to try. It is also very inexpensive so if you’d like to buy more than one for different days it is possible to do so. The colorful leather harness is simply a fun product to own and once you use it, you’ll definitely wonder why you haven’t purchased one in the past.