Sound Key Chain and Wrist Strap Dog Clicker

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When you’re training your dog, you can do a much better job with the right tools and this dog clicker is the perfect device to teach your dog whatever commands you want it to learn. At three inches long and with a convenient wrist strap attached, this clicker is easy to carry around and easy to use. It can be a true miracle worker when you’re trying to train your dog to do basic commands. This dog clicker is adjustable so that it fits your wrist perfectly regardless of what size it is.

Dog clickers work great when training dogs and whether you’re training your dog at home or you’re a professional dog trainer, this clicker is perfect for you. This clicker makes a clear audible sound and is made out of a high-quality plastic so it can be used often and still work great for many years to come. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet effective enough to do a great job, this could very well be the last dog clicker that you ever need or even want.

This dog clicker is also a great bargain so if you decide to purchase more than one to share with family and friends, you can do so without breaking the bank. This dog clicker has an ergonomic design keeps you comfortable regardless of how long you use it and the raised button design makes it easy to initiate the clicks every time. The coil bracelet part is comfortable and stretchy enough to accommodate everyone. Regardless of what you want your dog to learn while you’re teaching or training it, this device will make it much easier and even much faster to do. It also makes the training fun!