Stainless Steel Color Spray Paint Dog Bowl

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Available in three different sizes and five different colors, these high-quality stainless-steel dog bowls are perfect for those pets who are a little more active than usual.

Stainless Steel Color Spray Paint Dog Bowl

They can take a lot of abuse, and they come in sizes that range from 6” in diameter to 8.5” in diameter, so you can choose for yourself which one is right for you. They are silver in the center and come in colors such as red, blue, and green on the outside, and you can use them for both food and water.

Our removable stainless steel pet food bowl is resistant to harmful bacteria. In addition, your dog tray or cat bowl can be safely used in the dishwasher to increase hygiene

stainless steel dog and cat bowl

Sturdy and meant to last for a very long time, these dog bowls are heat resistant and have anti-skid capacity.

Pet bowl water and food bowl

Dog bowl for water and food

They are both strong and safe, and the materials used will not interfere with the taste of the food or water inside of them, because they are made out of top-notch materials.

Stainless steel dog bowl

You can easily choose the color and size that you want, you can even afford to order more than one if you like, without it being hard on your wallet. These attractive pet bowls make a great addition to any pet parent’s collection of pet accessories.

You have to get food and water bowls for your pets anyway, so why not get ones that look great and attract the attention of everyone who comes to visit you?

These great water and food bowls can accommodate dogs of all sizes and breeds.

They are even comfortable to use thanks to the way they are made. Choosing the perfect dog bowl just got a whole lot easier, because as soon as you take one look at these gorgeous, well-made bowls, you are going to want one for your dog. They are also sturdy enough to last a very long time, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.