Stainless Steel Double Water & Food Dog Bowl

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This stainless steel duo pet bowl device comes in two sizes and three different colors, contains two bowls for your pet -- one for food and the other for water. It is lightweight and easy to move from one room to another and it includes two stainless steel pet bowls that are guaranteed to last a very long time. It is also ready to be used as soon as you take it out of the package and it ensures that your pets will get enough food and water every time that they head over to the bowls for nourishment.

Double dog bowl design is convenient for feeding food and water or feed two pets at the same time.

double dog bowl stainless steel food and water station

If you need food and water bowls and you like things that match, this is a perfect pet bowl set for you. Since both pet bowls come in one container, you never have to worry about one of the bowls getting lost. In addition, even though it is lightweight, it is still heavy enough not to be toppled over easily so you can rest assured it will stay in place day after day.

Awesome Pet Feeding Station Solution

dual pet bowl station feeder

double stainless steel bowls for dogs and cats

The stainless pet steel bowl is smooth and contains no odors or bad tastes so the only thing your pet tastes when it eats and drinks is the fresh food and water that you’ve just given it.

2-in-1 food and water pet/dog/cat bowl set

Available in pink, blue, and a greenish-yellow color, this dog or cat bowl set is perfect for pets of all sizes and breeds and its durability means that it can take a lot of abuse and still remain in great condition. You have to feed your pets anyway so why not provide them with a cute, convenient bowl set that accommodates both their food and water needs?

This is one purchase that you’ll never regret buying, thanks to all of its advantages, and it may very well be the last food and water bowls that you’ll ever buy. After all, both you and your pets deserve this product so why not get one as soon as possible?

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double stainless steel bowl for pets