Small Dog and Cat Fruit Like Pet Bed House

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If you’ve been looking for the perfect pet house that is both well made and adorable, look no further. This pet house is super comfortable for small both dogs and cats and it comes in five different colors and designs for your pet’s entertainment. These designs include various polka-dotted beds in colors such as red, pink, and blue as well as a leopard-print bed that is super cute. These pet beds are also available in five different sizes so you can accommodate your dog or cat regardless of its size or breed.

Your pet will love the privacy of his own with this pet tent-like bed.

Small Dog and Cat Fruit Like Pet Bed House colors

Our fruit like pet bed house is made out of a strong fabric on the outside and an extra-soft fleece on the inside, these pet houses resemble little pieces of fruit, especially when you consider their bright colors and their eye-catching appeal. Because they have a top section, the pet is completely enclosed whenever it steps inside, allowing it to feel much more secure and a lot safer.

This lovely fruits bed can be placed on any place of the house which is nice and very warm for your cat or dog.

Small Dog and Cat Fruit Like Pet Bed House

You can also use these pet bed houses regardless of the pets you own so even if you have a rabbit or even a guinea pig, it will love the way the houses feel! They are comfortable and sturdy and they are guaranteed to be enjoyed for as long as you own them.

A cozy place to relax for your small animal companion.

Another benefit of this type of pet house is its ability to fold up when it’s not in use. Folding up the house into a flat design is fast and easy so whenever you’re not using it, you can quickly place it in another room in your home or even the closet when you need to.

The only thing sweeter than your cat or your dog is this fruit pet bed house!

The polka dots make the house stand out and get noticed by anyone who sees it. Because of its high-quality materials, it can take a lot of abuse and still remain in great shape, giving you one less thing to worry about as a pet parent.

Small Dog and Cat Fruit Like Pet Bed House

Product sizes & dimensions

Small (S): 26cm x 26cm (10.2" x 10.2")
Medium (M): 31cm x 31cm (12.2" x 12.2")
Large (L): 36cm x 36cm (14.1" x 14.1")
Extra Large (XL): 43cm x 43cm (16.9" x 16.9")
Doible Extra Large (XXL): 48cm x 48cm (18.9" x 18.9")

​Size is measured by hand, please allow 1-3cm margin error