Super Soft Silicone Finger Dog Toothbrush

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As a pet parent, you already know how challenging it can be to make sure that your dog receives good dental care but, thanks to this silicone toothbrush that’s worn over your finger, the task just got a lot easier. Made of a high-quality silicone and only two inches in length, this toothbrush fits over your finger and allows you to get into all of the crevices in your dog’s mouth so that its teeth and gums can be in great condition. This dog toothbrush is flexible and soft and it allows you to get as firm as you wish when you’re cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums.

Excellent oral health is a necessity for your pet and this small but very powerful device allows you to get its teeth and gums clean without hurting it. It even has small bristles that resemble those on a toothbrush as well as nubs on the other side for a great gum massage. Clean its teeth the same way that you do your own and he’ll actually enjoy all of the attention! Reduce plaque and tartar buildup and keeps its breath fresh at the same time with this no-nonsense, easy-to-use toothbrush.

Until now, there were few easy ways to make sure that your dog’s teeth and gums were clean and healthy but this device takes all the guesswork out of doing this and allows your dog to enjoy great oral health and the fresh breath it deserves. The dog toothbrush is the perfect size and soft yet firm enough to do the job well. Your dog will only think that it’s being spoiled and not having its teeth cleaned. Cleaning your dog’s gums and teeth just got a whole lot easier and because this toothbrush is well made and inexpensive, you can count on it lasting a long time and not being hard on your wallet every time.