Travel Puppy Carrying Outdoor Bag

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This outdoor bag is both functional and absolutely adorable, coming in a variety of colors and designs that will keep you smiling. The bag is made to carry a cat or small dog, and it even has an opening on the side for the pet’s head to lean out of. After all, pets deserve to view the world as they’re out running errands with their pet parents, and this carrying bag for pets makes that a lot easier to do. These puppy bags are made out of an eco-friendly EVA material, and there is enough room in them to ensure your pet will be comfortable, regardless of how long you’re away from home.

This carrying outdoor bag has two straps attached. One of the straps is shorter and made for carrying the bag by hand, while the longer strap is longer and meant to place it over your shoulder. The bag is lightweight enough to stay comfortable, regardless of how long you walk around with it, and there are even holes at the top part of the bag to make sure the dog has enough air to breathe properly. It is a high-quality puppy bag that is meant to last, so you will be able to use it for many years to come.

All pet owners love bringing their pets with them when they go out for a while, but carrying them in your arms can be difficult and uncomfortable. A good carrying bag is the perfect solution, and this one even folds up into a flat shape when you’re not using it, making it easy to store away every time. Perfect for all seasons and available in a convenient 17” x 11” x 12” size, this is one pet bag you’ll likely be using on a daily basis, thanks to its sturdiness and multiple benefits.