Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Coat

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Made out of polyester and fleece, this dog coat is perfect for when it’s raining or even snowing outside because it is both warm and waterproof. This is a high-quality coat that both looks great and feels great on your pet. It is lightweight and comfortable dog coat, yet it does a great job of preventing rain or snow from inundating your dog while you’re out walking or playing in the park. It even has a very trendy and fashionable look, similar to the very expensive down dog jackets you find in sporting goods stores.

We've designed a rain dog coat that will achieve all your fashion needs while maintaining optimal functionality.

Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Coat

This dog coat has just the right amount of padding plus an attractive and stylish look. It is one purchase you will always be glad you made. It is made in a full-body design and has fleece at the neck and at the bottom of the coat, not to mention on the inside. Let’s face it, your dog deserves to be warm and comfortable when you’re walking him, and thanks to this great coat, he will be more comfortable than you ever thought possible. He will also thank you for it by taking longer and more productive walks with you, which is something you’ll both enjoy.

This dog rain jacket is a windproof, water-repellent and ultra-light

Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Jacket

If you live in or visit an area that get rainy or snowy regularly, this snow & rain dog coat comes in handy. It is a high-quality, well-designed coat that your pets will love, and you’ll feel better just knowing that you are taking the best possible care of them. After all, it is your responsibility to treat them right, and making sure they are warm and comfortable while you’re out walking or playing is part of that responsibility.

This puppy wind-proof coat keeps your dog warm, dry, comfy, protects them from snow, and doesn’t get soggy from snow or rain.

Don’t get caught in the rain or snow without making sure your beloved pet is going to be comfortable, because getting one of these dog coats is a lot easier than you might think.

Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Coat

Back: 20cm (7.87"), Chest: 26cm (10.2"), Neck: 18cm (7.08")

Back: 24cm (9.45"), Chest: 35cm (13.7"), Neck: 24cm (9.45")

Back: 30cm (11.8"), Chest: 40cm (15.7"), Neck: 28cm (11.0")

Back: 34cm (13.4"), Chest: 49cm (19.3"), Neck: 30cm (11.8")

Back: 39cm (15.4"), Chest: 55cm (21.6"), Neck: 35cm (13.7")

Back: 44cm (17.3"), Chest: 62cm (24.4"), Neck: 40cm (15.7")

Back: 49cm (19.3"), Chest: 66cm (26.0"), Neck: 44cm (17.3")