Washable Home Shape Dog Bed + Tent

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This adorable dog bed comes with a tent-like covering and a variety of designs and colors. Available in pink, blue, and white, it is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs and even cats, and its cover removes easily for cleaning and maintenance.

It is made out of a soft cotton and is comfortable for both naps and nighttime sleeping. It also has top sections in cute animal and cloud designs, and each bed comes with its own pillow. Both small dogs and cats will be comfortable in this bed, and it is built to last a very long time.

House shaped dog bed

All dogs deserve a comfortable bed to sleep in

If you want a pet bed that is both super comfortable and eye catching, this is it. This dog bed is machine washable for your convenience, and it is definitely one bed that will have your pet looking forward to his rest time for many years to come. Not all pet beds are alike, but this one has a cute design and is sturdily made, offering the best of both worlds. Instead of keeping your dogs in a cage overnight, they are certain to appreciate these adorable beds much more.

home dog bed with tent

Product Sizes & Dimensions

This home shape dog bed is also the perfect size at 17” x 25”, and its enclosed design means your dog or cat will feel more secure while sleeping because he’ll have soft cotton panels surrounding him the entire time. A comfortable and accommodating dog bed is something all pets need, and if you’re a pet parent who spoils your pets every chance you get, it won’t be difficult to understand why these beds are so popular.

House shaped dog bed with tent

Furthermore, at roughly three pounds, the beds are lightweight enough to bring from room to room without any effort on your part, and they are definitely a great addition to any set of pet accessories.