Waterproof Bowls Pet Feeding Mat

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When your pets eat their dinner or drink water throughout the day, it is perfectly natural for them to spill food and water onto the floor. This waterproof pet mat is specifically made to be placed underneath your food and water bowls so that the mess goes on the mat instead of the floor, making the cleanup much faster and easier for you. This pet bowl mat is waterproof and made out of silicone and it comes in both black and grey.

FDA Approved Grade pet (dog and cat) feeding mat

Waterproof pet bowls mat

It is also very easy to clean so you can quickly clean up any mess that your pets have made with just a few wipes of a sponge.

Anti-slip, Non skid, Spill proof, Waterproof, durable bowl pet feeding mat

Waterproof pet bowls mat

The mat is approximately 12” x 19” in size and it is even decorated with a cute paw print in one of the corners. When you feed your pets, there is naturally going to be a mess afterwards but these pet mats make cleaning up a lot simpler for you, thanks to the way they are made.

Waterproof pet bowls mat

Great mat for holding cats and dogs' bowls, feeder, drinking fountains, stands, station, dish.

Waterproof pet feeding mat

They are smooth and lightweight and very affordable, you can easily afford to purchase more than one if you need to. Once you use the mat, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it and it is attractive to boot.

Waterproof design helps protect floors from water spills and messy wet food

A pet mat that fits under your pet’s food and water bowls can make your life as a pet parent a whole lot easier and this one is well-built, very sturdy, and guaranteed to last for a very long time.

Waterproof pet bowls eco-friendly feeding mat

The mat may look as if it is just a simple decoration but it is far more than that in reality. It makes cleaning up after your pet’s meals a breeze and it even goes a long way in keeping the feeding area a lot neater looking and organized. A good pet mat is a great pet accessory to have in your collection and it is definitely a purchase that you will never regret making.