Waterproof PU Leather Dog Jacket Coat

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Made out of a high-quality fiber, this waterproof dog coat is perfect for winter time, and it comes with an adorable fur collar for extra warmth and attractiveness. In fact, this is one of the cutest dog coats you’ll see on the market right now, because it even has arm sleeves and looks just like a coat that you would wear. It is a jacket that is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds, and is made to keep them warm, dry, and comfortable regardless of what the weather is outside. It also has cute snaps on the front of the jacket for a perfect fit every time.

This faux leather dog jacket is made of waterproof material, make your fury friend feel warm in cold windy day or rainy day.

warm winter leather dog jacket

Winter warm puppy leather jacket

This dog jacket protects your dog from a variety of weather conditions, including snow, rain, and even wind, which makes it a very versatile jacket indeed.

 warm winter leather dog jacket open front

The D ring on the back this awesome dog jacket can be connect with leash, allows your pet walk-ready in no time. No more struggling with putting collars over your pet's head.

warm winter leather dog jacket inside open

Furthermore, it is lightweight , but super comfortable coat for the dog so you don’t have to worry about him becoming too hot, too cold, or uncomfortable in any way. Made out of fiber, PU leather, fleece, and faux fur, it is both adorable and serves an important function. When you let your dog wear this jacket, you are guaranteed that he can take a walk or play in the park for a very long time and still be comfortable and warm.

One of the best warm Fall/winter dog jackets

Leather dog winter warm coat jacket

Leather dog winter warm coat jacket

Whether you have a chihuahua, a pug, or a schnauzer, your dog deserves to be dry and warm when there’s inclement weather, and this jacket can help you provide this for him every single day. After all, it is your responsibility as a pet parent to take good care of your dog, and this is yet another way to do this so you know you’re doing what is best for him.

Leather dog winter warm jacket

Fur babies need to be taken care of, and this adorable, high-quality dog jacket will help you take proper care of your fur babies for many years to come.


Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

winter warm leather dog vest jacket