Waterproof Rear Dog Car Seat Cover

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We know that one of the greatest joys for the family dog is to travel in the car with its loved ones but it’s important to keep your car seats in great condition and free from dirt, mud, scratches, and excess fur. To ensure that you can take your furry friend with you no matter where your latest adventure leads you, we’ve made this durable and waterproof rear dog car seat cover. Because we want to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the car and ensure that your car isn’t damaged when you’re on the road, we combined polyester with a nonslip foam to keep the cover from shifting when you drive.

The great thing about these seat covers is that not only are they easy to put in the back of your car but also that they attach securely, thanks to the extra-long adjustable straps. Installation is easy and fast so you can hit the road the moment that inspiration strikes. Once you’re back home and ready to clean off your cover, you can easily remove it and wipe it off, ensuring that you remove any traces of dirt or mud from your vehicle and keeping it free from debris and odors.

We believe in durability and that’s why the four straps on this dog seat cover are all securely stitched in place, which will prevent the straps from coming loose when you’re tightening them. The polyester top is designed to resist scratching, making this a great seat cover to use with both small and large dogs. Also, the non-slip foam back is thick enough to last for years without showing any signs of damage or peeling away from the front. Your pet will feel comfortable and safe when you’re driving and you won’t have to worry about it damaging your seats when you opt for this durable dog cover.