Waterproof Small Dog Hoodie Jacket

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Hoodie jackets are very popular, and if you’re a pet parent, you can now purchase one of these stylish jackets for your dog or cat. The jackets are 100% cotton and very soft, but they are also waterproof and snowproof, not to mention extremely comfortable. Complete with a covering for the head and short sleeves, this dog jacket is also windproof and very warm, so taking your dog out for a walk when it’s windy, snowing, or cold outside just got a whole lot easier.

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We've designed this waterproof dog jacket to achieve all your fashion needs while maintaining optimal functionality

Best of all, if you need to walk your dog, there is a small opening that your leash will conveniently fit through, making it easier than ever before to walk him during inclement weather. Let’s face it, walks for dogs are a must when you’re a pet parent, and thanks to this vest, you don’t have to forgo those walks or walk in discomfort just because it’s cold or windy outside. You and your dog can walk in both comfort and style, because these dog hoodies are absolutely adorable, as well as comfortable.

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This dog jacket is easily adjustable and has chest straps for a comfortable and snug fit

Whether it’s cold, snowing, or just a little chilly outside, these cute dog jackets are the perfect solution, and they allow both you and your dog to enjoy your walk a whole lot more.

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Keep your furry friend warm and protected from the cold weather with stylish flair waterproof, snow-proof dog jacket

Just imagine walking with your dog and wearing a hoodie that matches his! Your dog is a member of the family, and as such you want to keep him comfortable every minute of every day. This hoodie is the perfect solution when you want to walk your dog, but the weather is less than pleasant.

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Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

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