Waterproof Small Dog Thick Snow Boots (Shoes)

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Doggie boots are very cool now and with good reason. These snow boots do a great job of keeping tiny paws dry, warm, and comfortable when there’s inclement weather outside and they are absolutely adorable as well. Made mostly out of cotton and nylon, the boots have Velcro straps that you can adjust for a perfect fit and their colors are lively and eye-catching. These dog shoes even have a reflective tape included in the design to make it easier for cars to see your dog the next time you’re out walking after dark.

These cute shoes are both functional and efficient and if you’re curious as to why dogs need to wear shoes in the first place, the answer is quite simple. Doggie shoes can be worn to protect paws from rocks and other debris, ice and slippery conditions, and even from temperatures that are too cold or too hot. If you walk outside barefooted, chances are good that you’ll be uncomfortable and the same thing happens with your pets. Pet shoes are comfortable and protective and these boots’ anti-slip soles make it even easier to keep your dog or cat healthy and safe every time you go for a walk or some play time.

Since the shoes come four to a set, it is easy to take them right out of the box and put them onto your dog’s feet so that you can take that next walk. They are easy dog shoes to take care of as well and they are slow to tear, rip, or fade. With rubber soles and a nylon-cotton blend shoe, these boots are the perfect addition to your collection of doggie clothes. In fact, the shoes are so well made and great-looking that this may very well be the last set of doggie shoes that you ever have to buy.