Winter or Rain Cute Dog Booties

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These booties are absolutely adorable and look great on any dog or cat that you own. They are brightly colored dog boots and have anti-slid soles to keep your dog safer whenever you walk it in snowy or icy conditions. They are sturdy and well made and they definitely make a fashion statement every time you go out for a walk or for some bonding time in the park. Made with a drawstring that allows for the perfect fit every time, your dog or cat will both look great and feel great every time that he wears these booties. 

The boots can also be used nearly all year long, thanks to the comfort and design that they offer. With extra-strong stitching that guarantees these dog boots won’t rip or tear easily, they offer an eye-catching appeal that everyone will notice and they will definitely attract the attention of passersby every time that you go out for a walk with your pet. Attractive and waterproof, this is one pair of boots that you will never regret making. In fact, they are likely the very last set of shoes that you’ll ever buy for your pets because they are just that good.

Few things are cuter than a dog or cat with tiny shoes on and these dog boots will have your pet looking fashionable and trendy in no time. They protect his tiny feet from the elements, and these boots keep him safe when he has to walk over rough terrain. They are all ready to go as soon as you receive them so all you have to do is remove them from the box and place them on your fur baby’s paws. These dog boots are also made out of high-quality materials and are built to last so they can make any outing that you take with your dog or cat a lot easier for both of you.

Product sizes & Dimensions

Size #1: Shoes Length: 3.5cm (1.37") / Shoes Width: 2.5cm (0.98") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 0.5-1Kg (1.1 to 2.2lb)
Size #2: Shoes Length: 4cm (1.57") / Shoes Width: 3cm (1.18") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 1.5-2.5Kg (3.3 to 5.5lb)
Size #3: Shoes Length: 4.5cm (1.77") / Shoes Width: 3.5cm (1.35") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 2.5-3.5Kg (5.5 to 7.7lb)
Size #4: Shoes Length: 5cm (1.96") / Shoes Width: 4cm (1.57") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 3.5-5Kg (5.5 to 11lb)
Size #5: Shoes Length: 5.5cm (2.16") / Shoes Width: 4.5cm (1.77") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 5-6.5Kg (11 to 14.44lb)
Size #6: Shoes Length: 6cm (2.36") / Shoes Width: 5cm (1.96") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 9Kg (20lb)
Size #7: Shoes Length: 6.5cm (2.56") / Shoes Width: 5.5cm (2.56") / Suitable for dogs weighting of Approx. 11Kg (24.25lb)