Winter Waterproof Dog Vest Jacket

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A great jacket for the winter is a must if you want to stay comfortable in the cold, and now your pets will experience the same comfort with this great waterproof vest jacket made specifically for dogs. Made of a comfortable fiber and polyester material and with an adorable and convenient pocket on the back, you can easily attach your leash to it, thanks to the hook attached to the back of it. When it’s cold or cool outside, you won’t have to worry about your pet’s comfort because this jacket is guaranteed to keep him warm.

Winter waterproof vest jacket for small and large dogs

Keep your dog warm and cozy with the overcoat, classic designed cold-weather waterproof jacket.

Thanks to the jacket’s velcro closures and perfectly sized openings for his paws, your dog is guaranteed a great fit every time. Best of all, the dog vest fits small, medium-sized, and even large dogs because of its flexibility and high-quality materials. The heavy-duty snap on the back pocket ensures it will stay securely closed every time you use it, while its full-body design ensures that your pet will attract the attention of every passerby you meet.

Winter waterproof vest jacket front and back image

This waterproof winter dog jacket is constructed with sturdy, durable and breathable materials.

Winter waterproof vest jacket for small and large dogs

The vest's pocket is the perfect place to keep small items such as keys, and

This jacket is not only warm and waterproof, but it is also windproof and can handle most types of inclement weather. Whether you have a Yorkshire terrier or a golden retriever, you can easily find a great fitting and attractive dog jacket jacket for him to wear every time you take him out for a walk.

winter waterproof dog vest jacket coat

It is a high-quality product built to last, and whether your dog is short, tall, slender, or stocky, you will easily be able to find the perfect-fitting jacket for him for those great walks the two of you enjoy so much.

Super waterproof senior polyester fabric filled feather cotton linning in the middle, soft and comfortable, keep your furry friend warm in winter or in the snow.

Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Winter waterproof vest jacket